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What the MWC Should Do – But Never Will


It is impossible to be sure of what conference changes will take place in the next couple of years. The defection of Boise State from the Big East brought SDSU back with them to the Mountain West Conference as expected. Along with SDSU, the return of BSU also brought the pole position from the BE to the MWC. Speculating about what the MWC will do with this new power would be mostly fruitless. However, speculating what they won’t do (but should) is rather easy:
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How the Big East Lost Boise State – and potentially the top ‘other’ conference war


Defections have plagued the Big East and without question they are a shadow of their former selves. Nevertheless, coupled with some good remaining schools, great basketball and a short term (but enticing) BCS label; they had an opportunity to hand select the best of the rest, and become the top remaining conference.

By their own admission, having a “bell cow” like Boise State was the key to rally football around. So how did the Big East lose Boise State? Continue reading